Rev. Julian Niel Butler was born on the Island of Jamaica in the Parish of Clarendon near the border with St. Ann.

He was born to a wonderful and beautiful woman by the name of Mervalyn Francis. His mother has been an inspiration to him all his life. She taught him many things with a lot of encouraging words of wisdom.

His father is a man of honour who always believed in positiveness and equality.  He also believe that everyone should pray, not only one should pray and everyone said amen but everyone pray and all said amen.

Rev. Butler's knowledge and experience comes with a lot of encouragement from wiser people.

He has been saved for many years now following the Lord, studying His word and taking part in the things of the Lord.  His Bishop is an inspiration  who plays a big part of his daily Christian walk.

Rev. Butler is currently the Youth Pastor at Faith United Ministries. He is married to a beautiful woman and has 2 handsome boys. He can truly say "to GOD be the glory, great things he had done!"


Pastor Kevin Graham  was born in the sunny island of Jamaica. He grew up attending church with his grandparents on Sundays where he loved the music, and the fellowship. He migrated to Canada in 1982 where he grew up with his mother in a strict household that kept him in line and out of trouble.

In 1998, he accepted Jesus Christ as his personal Lord and Saviour which was followed with water baptism on October 17, 1999. Pastor Graham married his beautiful wife in 1999 and began attending Faith United Ministries in 2000 and took Hands of Fellowship in 2001. He faithfully began his work in the Audio-Visual Department as well as driving the church bus where he picked up and dropped off members for church on Sundays. In 2010, he became the Youth Assistant Pastor. Shortly after, he was ordained as a Minister of the gospel.

On March 10, 2024 he was confirmed as an Associate Pastor.  

Currently, he is working alongside Host Pastor Bishop Dr. Kenneth Fuller, Pastor Tricia Davidson, the Youth Department and alongside other ministers to help build and strengthen the Kingdom of God.