Minister Dennis Haughton was born in Kingston on the sunny island of Jamaica.  He is the Youngest of 11 Children: 6 Brothers and 4 Sisters.  He was brought up in a Godly home by two stern, Godly parents: Dad George Haughton and Mother Elsada Haughton, who have gone to be with the Lord.  He married his childhood sweetheart, who immigrated to Canada, where Dennis Haughton joined her in May 1994.  He immediately started attending Faith United Ministries with her, growing stronger in the Lord.  He got baptized in July 1995. Dennis grew stronger in the Lord and in the work of the Lord. Then, in May 2003, he was called into the ministry, where he served as a church Deacon. Shortly after, he served as a Church Elder and then as Assistant Men's President, where he worked with others in different areas of leadership.  He was then elected as the Men's President.  In 2013, He was Ordained As a Minister.  He thanks the Lord for using him in the Ministry to work closely with the Bishop and Founder of Faith United Ministries International and all the Department Leaders to build the Kingdom of God to the Glory of God here on Earth.  This is where the Lord is using him to be a blessing.